Snow show

Snowy tree branchesWe’d been promised some snow and it seems that today (Monday) may be our best chance of catching a glimpse. Different weather reports have been predicting different things, including that it would be in the morning, evening, coupled with rain or sleet, very light, up to 5cm… or maybe not even at all! But, I am pleased to report that at the time of writing this it is actually snowing over Mill Road!

Snow birdThe Met office website suggests that the morning and early afternoon snow will be light, but that this will become heavy around 3pm today – great news for those of us who love the snow and will be at home at that time (cue snowball fight somewhere off Mill Road…!), though admittedly perhaps not so good for those that will still be at work or who are travelling. For those of you who want to keep up to date with the local weather forecast, I have discovered that the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory has a ‘Rooftop Weather Station’ and regularly updated web page with all sorts of useful weather info.

Snow treeI love the snow and have many happy childhood memories of sledging down local hills (so as you may have guessed, I did not grow up in Cambridge). In case we didn’t get any snow locally today, I was going to post some pics I took during last February’s snow visit. I think they’re rather lovely photos, so I’m still posting them; but the photo at the bottom of this blog post is one that I’ve taken just in the last few minutes (they were all taken in the Argyle Street area, just off Mill Road). With a bit of luck the snow will hang around long enough for me to get some decent daylight shots  and I can bore enthral you with even more photos!