A-B-C, it’s as easy as… a short stroll down Mill Road

Wondering what to have for dinner last night and with little energy left for cooking, Mr Mill Road and I deliberated for all of five seconds before deciding to go to the ABC BarBQ on the Broadway. It had been months since we’d been in and I had completely forgotten just how amazing their chips are, in fact they are my favourite chips of all the chip shops on Mill Road (and yes, I have tried every single one).

ABC BarBQABC does everything from fish, pies and chicken to burgers, kebabs and even steak dinners. I opted for chicken nuggets and chips whilst Mr Mill Road went for battered sausage, chips and curry sauce. I would have ordered some slices of cheese (cheesy chips are hard to beat!) but remembered that we already had some at home – which was probably just as well as my past cheese slice requests at ABC have usually been met with a questioning glazed look.

For those that haven’t been before it’s worth noting that there are two queues and you need to be in the right one – there’s a main queue at the front counter, but if you want any burgers, kebabs or steak with your order then you need to queue for the back counter (grill area) instead. You may have to wait a few minutes – we were in there for about fifteen minutes altogether, but I thought that this was pretty quick considering there were eight customers in front of us and only two members of staff.

The food is reasonably priced and we got the lot for about £7, though the cans of drink are comparatively pricey so we bought ours elsewhere on the way home. It may not be the healthiest food around (well, most of it is deep fried) but it was convenient, warming and tasty – and just what we needed during a very busy week.