Coffee & Collage

Yesterday evening I went along to the fortnightly Drink & Draw session at Hot Numbers cafe on Gwydir Street. I’m quite creative but I usually do my ‘creating’ at home and hadn’t been to any kind of open session like this before, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I needn’t have had any trepidatory thoughts as everyone was friendly and welcoming. This was the fourth Drink & Draw session and they were the idea of local artist Emmanuel Martin.

Penguin collageThe theme for the evening was collage and was introduced by local artist Dan Biggs. Everyone was asked to bring scissors, glue and some old magazines (or whatever bits and bobs we had that could be collaged) and we were all given a blank greeting card upon which to make our collages. I think everybody chose to make a card, but there was certainly no pressure to – people can just turn up and draw/create their own thing or even just socialise with others. I decided to make a penguin shaped collage and set about cutting out all sorts of colourful pieces from the magazines I had bought along – the knack seems to be in the cutting and arranging of your collage before you do any glueing. Everyones creation was different and there were some great designs.

Collaged greetings cardsMost of us gave the cards we made to Hot Numbers to sell. I hadn’t expected my penguin to make the grade, but I popped in this afternoon to meet a friend and while in there someone bought my card! But there’s still a few left if you would like to buy one. Most of the cards were left blank (so you can add your own greeting) but tomorrow is the last day before Christmas for first class post, so if you’re looking for a festive card then do pop down to Hot Numbers tomorrow. Although it’s called Drink & Draw, you don’t have to be an artist to join in – it’s open to everyone (and there’s no need to book – just turn up on the night). I really enjoyed the company and creativity last night and will certainly be going along to Drink & Draw again – and not just because of the post-collage trip to the Dev!

The next Drink & Draw will be at Hot Numbers on Tuesday 8th January, 7-9pm. The theme is tattoo art and will be hosted by Vic Cristea from Mill Road’s Tattoos by Fabio