We’re cool

Mill Road is one of the coolest places to live in Britain, according to an article in this weeks Times newspaper. Described as having a “vibrant array of independent shops and a strong community spirit”, Mill Road came in at No.26 in the top 30 list – beating the Somerset town of Glastonbury by one place, but coming just behind Brixton in south London. First place went to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire.

The article describes Mill Road as “the frontline for town and gown” before going on to say that it “divides smart Petersfield, a favourite with university staff, from homes in Romsey built for railway workers” – as detailed on Mill Road’s wikipedia page. Though having lived in the area for a long time, I’m not so sure this ‘divide’ is still in existence today.

Mill RoadThose of us that live, work, socialise and shop around Mill Road will already know what a great place it is – not just Mill Road itself, but also the local side streets and their exciting goings on. There’s far too much to list in this particular blog article, but it’s probably worth mentioning that Mill Road was part of the very first Eat Cambridge festival, earlier this month, and the first Romsey Art Festival will be taking place in the area in August. Also the Mill Road area was recently the location for the video to Mikill Pane’s new single – Good Feeling (released this week).

That’s just a little taster of some of the things happening around here. As you may find yourself saying, there’s something about Mill Road… .

Thank you

There's something about Mill RoadEarlier this week I spotted that this blog has had over seven thousand visits which is brilliant; and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of my articles and posts. As you may know, there’s also a Twitter account associated with this blog and there are now over 500 followers on it – by the way, if you aren’t signed up to Twitter you can still see my tweets though you do need to sign up if you want to respond to any of them; and there is of course also a Facebook page.

Mill Road is such a great area to live and shop in, and this blog is my way of celebrating that and making sure that people know about lots of the wonderful things we have going on locally. I recently asked for people’s suggestions for blog posts, tweets and the forthcoming website – thank you to all those that have responded. The website content is just about ready and I am now just working through the technical side of things, so the website will be launched at some point in March (I’ll give a date nearer the time).

As you may know, books have been quite a theme for me recently and I’ve met with a number of the authors we have living locally to gather info for my articles (more book posts coming soon, I promise!). This got me thinking that we should actually have a book about Mill Road and I have spent quite a bit of time looking into this – it would be great to celebrate our lovely neighbourhood and all the things we have to offer, including our projects, independent traders and the people who make the area what it is. I will be putting a proper call out for information and contributions soon, but in the mean time if you have any suggestions then do let me know – you can email theressomethingaboutmillroad@hotmail.co.uk.

A big thank you to all of you who have taken an interest in things Mill Road!

A little bit about this blog

Welcome to There’s something about Mill Road. I have started this blog because I think Mill Road in Cambridge is a really great place and I want to tell people about it.  I have really enjoyed living, studying and working here over the years and even though I know Mill Road very well, there’s always more to discover and learn.

If I had to describe Mill Road in just one sentence I would probably say that it is home to a wonderfully quirky collection of independent businesses and people and that it has a real sense of community. However, as luck would have it, I have a whole blog in which to talk about Mill Road.

My posts on this blog all relate to Mill Road in some way – for example, I’ll probably share some interesting bits of news and Mill Road-related anecdotes, I may well post about recipes for which I bought all the ingredients on Mill Road and I’ll probably mention some exciting goings on in the community. It’s worth noting that there are also a number of interesting places and things going on just off Mill Road – so if there’s something within a couple of minutes walking distance from Mill Road that grabs my attention then I might just post about that too.

I’ll also be posting pictures I’ve taken on and around Mill Road. I have the copyright to my photos, but if you see a photo you like and you want to share with others online (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) then that’s fine – so long as you put a link crediting me with the photo (‘photo courtesy of www.theressomethingaboutmillroad.wordpress.com ‘ for example). Though if you want to take a paper copy then please get in touch with me first – you can email theressomethingaboutmillroad@hotmail.co.uk You can also use this email address to get in touch about any aspect of this blog.

I hope that you’ll find this blog interesting, informative, exciting and, er, maybe even amusing… Though I can’t actually promise that you will find it to be any of those things.

Happy reading!