LogoWelcome to There’s something about Mill Road. My name is Alison Power and I have started this blog because I think Mill Road in Cambridge is a really great place and I love talking about it.  I have really enjoyed living, studying and working here over the last fifteen years or so and even though I know Mill Road very well, there’s always more to discover and learn.

If I had to describe Mill Road in just one sentence I would probably say that it is home to a wonderfully quirky collection of independent businesses and people and that it has a real sense of community. However, as luck would have it, I have a whole blog in which to talk about Mill Road.

Ditchburn PlaceMy posts on this blog all relate to Mill Road in some way – for example, I’ll be sharing some interesting bits of news and Mill Road-related anecdotes, recipes for which I bought all the ingredients on Mill Road, various projects and exciting goings on in the community and also local events. It’s worth noting that there are also a number of interesting places and things going on just off Mill Road – so if there’s something within a couple of minutes walking distance that grabs my attention then I might just post about that too. Although Mill Road has a great selection of shops – many of them independent traders – its thriving community feel really is down to the people that live, work, shop and socialise locally. So I will also be talking about some of the people who are connected to the area and hope to give readers a real insight into Mill Road’s character.

Mill Road bridgeI’ll also be posting pictures I’ve taken on and around Mill Road. I have the copyright to my photos, but if you see a photo you like and you want to share with others online (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) then that’s fine – so long as you put a link crediting me with the photo (‘photo courtesy of www.theressomethingaboutmillroad.wordpress.com’ for example). Though if you want to take a hard copy or copy for an article/commercial use then please get in touch with me first (email address below). Where pictures belonging to others are used, any copyright or sharing conditions are noted and attributed accordingly.

If there’s an aspect of Mill Road you think I should be blogging about or you have any suggestions or photos that could be used in future articles then do please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you: theressomethingaboutmillroad@hotmail.co.uk.There’s also a Facebook page and Twitter account (@MillRoadCambs) linked to this blog, both of which are updated regularly.

I hope that you’ll find this blog interesting, informative, exciting and, er, maybe even amusing… Though I can’t actually promise that you will find it to be any of those things.

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. How very wonderful; such a great idea. I look forward to seeing some updates as I just love Mill Road. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

  2. Great. I was born on Mill Road (in the days when where there was a maternity hospital there) but haven’t lived in Camb for over 30 years. I do sometimes visit and noticed when I was there recently that the shopfront of H. Gee electrical shop is the only oneI saw which is EXACTLY the same as it was 40 years ago! Strangely reassuring! How about postings which look at the histories of specific shops, existing and lost?

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