Ideas for Mill Road…

There will be an exhibition on Mill Road later this month open to traders, residents and anyone with an interest in Mill Road. It is being organised by Ceri Littlechild – Mill Road Co-ordinator – and the main focus will be to look at forming a traders association for the area.

Bharat BhavanRather handily, the event is being held at Bharat Bhavan – which is right in the middle of Mill Road. If you haven’t been to Bharat Bhavan before, it’s the beautifully ornate red-brick building just next to the railway bridge (Petersfield side) and is currently home to a Hindu shrine. Various community groups also use the space and it used to house Mill Road Library (which closed over fifteen years ago). In fact Bharat Bhavan probably deserves a blog post all of its own, but I digress…

Exhibition posterCeri is keen to hear from both traders and residents what they think of the idea of setting up a traders association for Mill Road and their suggestions for how it could work. Part of her role involves developing an action plan of projects that will help promote and enhance the area and she is also keen to explore ideas for improving Mill Road in general. The exhibition will include a Great Table (the idea of 5th Studios, based at the nearby Dales Brewery) which will be an aerial view map so that people can visualise and discuss ideas; and the Cambridge Association of Architects will also be on hand to meet locals between 10am and 3pm on both days. There will also be exhibition stands with more information about Mill Road and some of its existing residents/community groups (there are many, and I hope to blog about each of them over the coming months…) as well as the Mill Road History Project and information from Visit Cambridge (the Council’s tourist information service).

Mill RoadThe event will be across two days – Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of January – and will be open from 9am to 7pm on both. I shall definitely be popping along at some point (probably the Saturday) and am keen to see the aerial map as it will help with imagining how some of the ideas could look if they were put into practice. If you’d like to find out more then you can contact Ceri by email ( or if you’re free on 18th/19th January then just drop in and say hello to her!

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