Mill Road moggies

One day last week I was on my way to visit a friend, who also lives just off Mill Road. The journey would normally take me about five minutes, but when I arrived at her house I realised that it had actually taken me nearly quarter of an hour. Unusually, I hadn’t actually bumped into anyone I knew on the way, nor had I stopped at any of the shops I passed. So why had it taken me so long? …the answer is cats!

It’s not that the cats I encountered en route wouldn’t let me pass, rather that I just can’t seem to pass a cat without stopping  (cat lovers will know what I mean, those less disposed to the feline form will probably think I am slightly deranged!). There are occasional exceptions – like if they look particularly scary (rare) or if I have already stopped to, erm, ‘chat’ to that particular cat already that day. Anyway, I worked out that in the space of fifteen minutes I had actually seen fourteen cats! I probably should mention that four of them were at the house of the friend I was going to visit, but that still left another ten I’d passed on the way. I like cats, a lot, but even to me this seemed rather a lot of kitties.

All of the cats I passed appeared in good health and well looked after. However, I know that both the RSPCA and the Cats Protection League have large numbers of moggies that they are struggling to re-home at the moment – so if you can offer a good home to a cat then please get in touch with them. I would offer to re-home one myself, but (almost) all my close neighbours have cats and there’s already a few too many catfrontations in the garden as my neighbouring moggies vie for ‘territory’.

Some cats prefer to be an only moggie, whilst others like the company of other cats and happily exist in dwellings with two or three others – the RSPCA and Cats Protection League can both advise on the temperament of the cats they are trying to re-home and help you find one that suits you. All the cats pictured are looking for a loving home and a new owner someone to own.

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